Monday, June 22, 2015


I've always been a bit apprehensive about using a body oil. The moment I hear oil, I think greasy, non absorbent and messy, which of course are the least favourite things about moisturising one's body. 

However, this little treasure deifies all the odds, while it is a pure oil, it absorbs so fast into the skin it must have some sort of magical powers. It must be the power of quality certified organic ingredients. 

Rosehip oil has always been my favourite, not only does it smell like a fresh bouquet of roses from the market, but there are significant benefits to using it.  It improves skin tone and firmness, minimises the appearance of lines and wrinkles, hydrates the skin, reduces the appearance of stretch marks, scars and promotes skin elasticity. While, I've only been using the product across the last week, which makes it hard to see improvements in skin tone etc, it has done wonders to those pesky dry patches of the skin including my elbows, knees and feet! The great thing about this oil is it can be used all over, from top to bottom!  

Overall,  this product has given my high end moisturisers a run for their money. Each morning, I'm reaching for this vs anything in my beauty cabinet.  That's a feat for someone who is very lazy at moisturising their skin. 

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Thursday, June 18, 2015


I am ridiculously obsessed with bronzers, contouring and highlighting. The moment I heard about this release I squealed for joy. Prior to purchasing this beauty, I had never owned a Too Faced Bronzer, but I had been pining for them for months. Every time I saw them in store I'd eagerly sniff them,  weird I know, but can you blame me? They smell like chocolate. 

This delightfully compact book, which is the width of an A4 sheet of paper, houses the 8 most loved bronzers by Too Faced. The great thing about this book, is you can try out all 8 colours and figure out which is your favourite to purchase in full size. Each bronzer is 0.08 oz, for comparison's sake a Mac eyeshadow is traditionally 0.07 oz and a ColourPop eyeshadow is 0.07oz, it's definitely enough to try out multiple time to give you a taste of each shade. 

My favourites are hands down Milk Chocolate Soleil for a subtle contour, Snow Bunny to place on the cheek bones as a highlighter and Sun Bunny for that sun kissed look when dusted across the cheeks.

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Friday, May 29, 2015


I was so excited to finally receive this little treat in the mail after I ordered it the day of release. I have been an avid fan of ColourPop , and knowing the beautifully vibrant Kathleen Lights was once again collaborating with them just gave me such joy! After all, Lumiere 'til this day my favourite lipstick from the ColourPop range. 

The palette has a perfect mix of shimmery and matte shadows, and is a beautifully curated for any lover of neutrals. All the colours are blend able, pigmented and long lasting. The perfect trifecta whenever we talk eyeshadows.  Let's just say, it was definitely love at first sight. 

KathleenLights (Peralized) - Let's start off with the eyeshadow named after the Queen herself. This eyeshadow is delightful to use and the one which I reach for on a daily basis. It's a beautiful golden coppery satin, which is a hat tilt to the everyone's much loved MAC eyeshadow Amber Lights. Amber Light was one of my very first eyeshadows in my collection and this colour is even better. It's more coppery vs. orange and looks great all over the lid on those lazy make up days.  This colour is hands down my favourite in the collection.

Blaze (Metallic) - This colour is gorgeous and very unique. It reminds me of ColourPop's Amira, but  darker. This shadow is a dark bronze, with multi dimensional glitters throughout which makes for a statement on the eyes. In certain lights it looks bronze and in other lights it looks more purple. It's buttery and blend-able, which is a nice surprise for a colour which is darker.

Cornelious (Matte) - I adore this colour! Just adore it! It's a mid-tone brown/caramel colour, which is perfect for defining the cease. I have used this colour every since I've received it. FLAWLESS.

Glow (Matte) - I have to be honest and highlight that this colour is not my favourite. It's a pure off-white matte eyeshadow which I personally have never been a fan of, because I find them too harsh. However, for those of you who love highlighting under the brow bone, this colour is perfect. The formula is also flawless and easy to blend!

For $20US dollars, this palette is a must buy for any beauty lover and I've said this before but ColourPop eyeshadows can rival any high end shadow any day. They are truly a beauty lovers dream.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015


When I saw these glosses at Priceline, I knew I had to pick them up! Not only was the name adorable, but the colours were perfect for every day wear. 

Recently, I've been wearing gloss on the centre of my lips on top of my lipsticks to give the illusion of fully and juicer lips. The formula of these lip glosses are beautiful, they give a magical sheen to the lips, don't dry your lips out and are long wearing. The gloss promises to stay on the lips for up to 6 hours, but mine lasted no longer than 2, but then again if you've seen me east lunch you'd understand why. 

The actual texture/formula of the gloss itself is very smooth, and doesn't feel sticky on the lips. They go on the lips very similar to YSL Gloss Volupte, but slightly thicker.  Be mindful when picking out the colours the lighter ones are less opaque then the darker colours. Overall, these are a great drugstore alternative to some of the higher end high performing lip gloss.

P.S On a final note, there is nothing I hate more than taking off the tape that stores place around the lipgloss to stop people from getting in. It's a terror to take off haha. My little Sunday rant.

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Friday, May 22, 2015


For someone who is obsessed with perfecting their brows every morning and is always late to work because I'm fussing over them, I'm surprised I haven't purchased this product sooner. 
This eyebrow gel is seriously no fuss, and cuts down the brow process like a boss. The product is a brush on fibre gel, which plumps up and volumizes your brows like a mascara would to your eyelashes.  I layer it over my Anastasia Brow Wiz, and it effortlessly fills in all those pesky gaps between the grow hair. The formula is certainly build-able, so you can swipe it over your brows for a light wash of colour, or build it up for those Cara Delevingne brows. 
The other great thing about this brow gel is the brush is miniature, which means it gets into every nook and cranny of your brows to make sure no  hair is missed. 

For those of you who can't get this delightful product at a Myer beauty counter, be sure to visit Adore Beauty! Plus, for your budding make up artists, Adore Beauty is actually running a competition to win a full Adore Beauty make up kit worth over $1000, an Adore Beauty gift voucher worth $1000 and a money can't buy one on one session with make up artist, Max May of Max Made. Just tickle me jealous for the lucky winner. While, I love beauty products, I'm certainly not a make up artist - so I wanted to share with my readers you might want to win this amazing prize! 

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


The moment I saw these blushes all over instagram, I knew it would be love! I've been a fangirl of NARS for years, and adored the dual intensity eyeshadows, so I knew the blushes wouldn't disappoint. 

The three colours I picked up were Adoration, Frenzy and Craving. At first swatch, which were the most pigmented shades of the range. While the price point of these delights are quite high, sitting $59AUD ($45USD) a pop, they're definitely worth it. The formula is lightweight, super blendable without an ounce of chalkiness.

The blushes are designed to be used both wet and dry. By wetting the blushes, it created a more subtle wash of colour over the cheeks, but being a more oily skin type I use these blushes dry to keep them on my cheeks for the whole day.

Adoration - The name of this product really suits this blush. The pinks are truly adorable. The main blush colour is a mid-toned pink, perfect for all skin tones. All the blushes have this sheen to them to give you that natural glow from within. The highlighter is a pearlized baby pink, which is beautifully complimentary to the main blush. 

Frenzy - This is my favourite combo, and would look fantastic with your holiday tan. The orange is very true to what you see in the pan, I pat my brush in this very lightly and dab off all the excess for that perfect coral flush on the cheeks. The gold highlighter is to die for, it always reminds me of that JLO glow!

Craving - A perfect bronzer and highlight duo, this pair if great for every day wear. I use the bronzer to warm up the face when I haven't had enough sleep and the highlighter reminds me a lot of Mary Lou Manizer, but instead of golden undertones it's more silvery. 

These blushes are a must have for any beauty lover, they are just a dream! Definitely one to put on the beauty wish list. I mean, it's Christmas in 7 months. 

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015



Is it terrible to say I bought this product based on the name? I just adore Sex and The City and seeing this blush was named after Carrie an Big (even though I'm a Carrie and Aidan fan through and through), I knew I needed it in my pretty little hands.

While the name drew me in, the formula won me over. I know this word is used excessively in the beauty community, but the honest truth is this powder is buttery smooth. Too Faced are always amazing at formulating great face powders and this product is no exception.

The bronzer is similar in colouring to the cult favourite Laguna by Nars, but as the formula is so creamy, it's easier to blend on the skin and doesn't require as much effort. The blush itself is an adorable coral, which will suit a various amount of skin tones.


And, let's be honest - how can we finish talking about this product without mentioning the packaging? The duo is incased in the cutest little heart packaging and the mirror is so big it's perfect to throw into the hand bag for touching up. I'm sure when you pull this beauty out it will be a major talking point amongst friends.

Another great product by Too Faced and one that should definitely be on your next wish list.

P.S, which Sex and the City lady to you most relate to? In my younger years I would have completely said Charlotte, however I think as I grow older, I am completely and utterly a Miranda.

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