Monday, December 22, 2014


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Oh my rose gold. Yes, I know I should be talking about the actual product instead of the package, but the packaging is amazing. Stila, has done an amazing job with the packaging of the 'eyes are the windows' palette.

Initially I was drawn to the Soul palette but told myself that I needed a little bit of colour in my life and I couldn't keep buying purely neutral palettes despite how beautiful they are.  The Spirit palette is a great middle ground product. It's beautifully neutral, but has pops of colour so you makes you feel  adventurous.

I must say, these eyeshadows are wonderful.  There is a mixture of shimmers, satins and mattes,  so you can create some dynamic looks. All the formulas are wonderful and there is very minimal fall out.  My favourite is the top right hand burgundy colour, which makes for an exciting smokey eye vs. a black or a brown.

Overall, this palette is delightful, and it's a great little Christmas present for any beauty lover. I must say, if I had this in my stocking I'd be squealing just for the packaging.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Glazed Apple, The Body Shop,

I just have to start this off by saying this scent makes me giddy! It's one of my favourite releases from one of my favourite brands. The moment I heard that The Body Shop was launching a glazed apple collection I knew I had to get my hands on it.

The glazed apple tin of treasures comes with a miniature Shower Gel, Body Butter, Body Lotion, Body Polish and a cute little green loofa. It's all packaged in a cute little apple tin perfect for storage of bits and bobs.

Glazed Apple, The Body Shop,

The smell itself of divine! It's mouth watering goodness and you wouldn't expect less from a name like Glazed Apple. It's sugary sweetness, but the crispness of the apple keeps it from being sickly. If you're a sucker for anything apple scented like I am, this is a little set and product line to go on the Christmas wishlist.

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Sunday, December 7, 2014


I can't even hold my excitement for these nail polishes. I have been a massive fan of iScream Nails for years. I knew the collection wouldn't disappoint,  Celia and her team are amazing nail artist in Australia. 

It's launches like these that make me so happy and proud about the amount of talent we have in Australia, we are lucky to have so many amazing beauty curators. 

These nail polishes are amazingly pigmented, dry super quickly, are easy to apply and the packaging and names make you reminisce about the wonder years.  Let's not also forget to mention that they're cruelty free! 

 Left to right (Mint Madness, Sunny Boy, Juicy Juicy, Blue Haven, Bubblegum Bang and Grape Soda) 

I love that fact they are shaped like mini ice scream cones (how cute!) and the colours just make me excited for when Melbourne has a proper summer. The names make me feel like a young at heart and the moment I read  Sunny Boy and Blue Haven,  I was transported to grade 2 with pig tails waiting in line for the canteen to buy my summer treats.

The colours are so fun, and very summery. Any girl would be happy to have these under her Christmas tree this year.

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Thursday, December 4, 2014


If you can't tell, I'm on a bit of a NARS kick! Don't be surprised if this isn't the last post about this beloved brand. 

The Audacious lipstick collection is a very loved release amongst beauty bloggers and I must say it's worth the hype.  However, it has been a struggle trying to get  the colours I've been wanting in Australia. So I was forced to purchase from Sephora International,  let's be honest that's not really a complaint, I picked up some other goodies along the way. 

Barbara, Nars, Audacious, Vera

The two colours I put in my basket was Barbara and Vera. Barbara is the perfect pinky nude for another with a medium skin tone and Vera is the kind of red I want in my life forever. Who doesn't love a raspberry red? The formula of these lipsticks are off the chain. They feel amazing on the lip, and are the perfect satin finish. I love my lipsticks to be more of a satin, because it's the perfect mixture between a matte and a sheen finish. 

These are a must buy for everyone who loves lipsticks as much as I do! To be honest with you, I want to do another cheeky order before Christmas to fill my own stocking. Oh the unhealthy lifestyle of a beauty lover!

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Friday, November 28, 2014


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When I missed our on last year's Nars holiday cheek palette release, I trolled the internet to get my hands on one and failed miserably! This year, when I heard about the Virtual Domination Cheek Palette I knew I wouldn't let it escape my pretty little hands. 

This limited edition holiday cheek palette showcases all of Nars' bestselling products. The largest cheek colour is the oh-so-famous Laguna Bronzing Powder, a bronzer which every beauty lover needs in their collection. The four smaller blushes are Deep Throat (pink/peach with slight shimmer, top right), Miss Liberty (highlighter, top left), and Sex Fantasy (pink with a slight touch of lavender, bottom left) and Final Cut (peach coral, bottom right). 

Nars, Blush, Nars Cosmetics, Amazing

Each blush is 0.15oz, which is just slightly off a standard sized Nars blush 0.16oz ( original size retails in the US for $30) and the Laguna Bronzer is a lot larger than the 0.38oz you usually get.  If you've had your eye on Nars blushes, it would be silly not to snap it up. Not to sound frugal, but you're receiving over $158 in value for $68!

This is a great Christmas present to purchase for any beauty lover, unfortunately for fellow beauty lovers its  not available in Australia (maybe when Sephora opens in Sydney!), but I ordered mine via Sephora using ShopMate by Australia Post (which was a lot of a smoother process than myus which I previously use to use). So get your hands on it ASAP, or else you'll end up trolling eBay like I did last year! 
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


The Dolce Vita, Charlotte Tilbury, Make Up, Review

Let's take a moment to insert the praying hands emoji for this eyeshadow palette. The Dolce Vita palette by the lovely Charlotte Tilbury is one of the most talked about beauty products in history. 

I tried to resist temptation for the longest time, telling myself I didn't need another neutral palette, but after countless beauty videos and blogs highlighting how wonderful these eyeshadows were are, I knew I needed it in my life. 

This really isn't just another neutral palette, Charlotte Tilbury knows make up and the consistency of these eyeshadows are a dream.

The Dolce Vita, Charlotte Tilbury, Make Up, Review
Each one is buttery, feels amazing and even the glitter colour (pop) had me worried, but there is absolutely no fall out.  You receive four beautiful eyeshadows, a primer (creamy/nude satin, top left),  enhance (bronzy red shimmer/satin, top right), pop (antique golden shimmer, bottom left) and smoke (smokey brown satin, bottom right).  
This is one palette that's easily thrown into ones bag and is super versatile You can take these shadows from day time to night (which is partying on the couch with a cup of tea and reality tv shows).  De Definitely requirement on the Christmas wish list, or a cheeky stocking filler for your best friend. 
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Tom Ford, Cosmetics, Cheek Colour, Blush

The one product range I was so excited about purchasing while I was in the States was Tom Ford. While the holiday seems like it was many moons ago, seeing these pretty products in my draw always reminds me of the trip and how desperately I want to jump on a plane straight to New York. 

If there is one thing Tom Ford does right it's the packaging. The moment you hold any of their products you instantly know it's high end and luxurious. You can't help but feel glamorous putting these products on. It's the type of packaging that makes you want to wear your mother's pearls and frolic in dresses Elizabeth Taylor would envy. 

Tom Ford, Cosmetics, Cheek Colour, Blush

I only purchased one blush, because by the end of the trip my wallet was screaming at me. However, I don't regret purchasing this little gem. It's amazingly buttery and looks wonderful on the skin, and would be fantastic for people with a slightly darker skin tone. While it's summer in Australia, this colour is perfect for the Autmun/Fall, it is definitely going to be my go to for the colder months.  

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