Sunday, March 30, 2014


Oh my Tarte! I think I've found one of the most perfect lipsticks that ever existed or was ever created. After I purchased one, I was hooked and now I have an arsenal of Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance Lipsticks. Not only are these lipsticks ridiculously creamy and glide onto your lips like butter, they have the staying power that is unrivalled!

I'm unfortunately one of those girls who is very lazy at reapplying her lipstick or make up throughout the day. I'm always in a rush, whether it's to get to work on time or running around from one meeting to the next, so a dependable lipstick is my most important cosmetic staple.  When I found these wonders it's as if I struck gold. I dress my lips in one of the various colours at 7am and even after lunch the colour stays on quite well and more importantly it fades well.  It doesn't unevenly fade or leave you t with the ever so awkward 'lipliner' affect and  of course people are too polite to tell you in case you'd gone for that look intentionally. I know a lot of people have mentioned that they believe these lipsticks are drying, but by using a good lip balm underneath (Dior - Creme de Rose) I've avoided experiencing a drying feeling with these lipsticks.  They are heavenly. 

Each colour is fabulously opaque from the lightest to the boldest and that's one thing I look for in a lipstick. The packaging is to die for and every time someone spots it in my make up bag, they always compliment the wooden finish. 

I wish they would be readily available in Australia. I have to order mine through Sephora via my us forwarding address from! However, they are very much worth the effort, you can see how vibrant each one is by the swatches below: 

 photo dee-sig_zps0beda004.jpg

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Every beauty guru and blogger has been raving about the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes. Are they worth the hyper? That's a big fat yes from me! I'm always a bit sceptical about beauty products which get a big hooha, only because I've been disappointed too many times in the past. These magical blushes are far from disappointing.

When I say magical, I really mean magical - get your wands out ladies. They go on the skin like no other blush I've tired in the past and leave the most whimsical glow and the right amount of colour on the skin. The key word in the previous sentence being glow, there are no chunks of glitter and disco ball cheeks.

The two colours I purchased where Dim Infusion (Peachy/Coral) and Radiant Magenta (Fuchsia Pink with Gold through it).  Dim Infusion is perfect peach for every day, I have a medium coloured complexion and it just gives me the right amount of colour to wear to work every day. Radiant Magenta is fantastic for the flushed looked on the cheeks, just like when you've been playing in the snow (not that there is much snow in Australia, ha!).  

On top of all of this fabulousness, the packaging is gorgeous and Hourglass have been smart enough to utilise everyone's favourite colour of the season - ROSE GOLD. As Hourglass is a high end brand, the blushes have a hefty price tag - even more so for us Australians, we're always paying a premium for international make up making its way to our shores ($50AUD vs $35US). However, I'd be more than happy to handover my bank card for these blushes, I actually want to go back and buy more colours. Cheeky, I know. 

If I had to highlight one downside to the blushes, it's that when you swirl your blush brush into them, the powder tends to go everywhere like a loose power blush. However, it's only a slight downside and I might be the one to blame because I'm always swirling my brush into the blush like a mad woman when I'm running late to work in the mornings.

 photo dee-sig_zps0beda004.jpg