Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Melbourne weather has been so temperamental lately, one minute you're craving hot chocolate and then the next minute you want an iced chocolate. Moral of the story, chocolate is always a good thing no matter the weather! This brings us to the delightfulness which is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. Everyone and their mum has been talking about this product and it's one of my favourite neutral palettes I own and let's be honest... I own too many. 

First things first, let's just get this out on the table, the product smells delightful. I've never been a fan of products which claim they smell like chocolate only because they never smell like chocolate, they always smell like a weird cocoa butter hybrid. This Palette SMELLS like chocolate! Just like a hot chocolate to be more specific. Someone pass the marshmallows. 

The eyeshadow colours are amazing! Some are better in consistency than others, but let's talk colours: 

Gilded Ganache (Sheen) - This is a beautiful brown colour has a slight greenish tinge with the more marvellous gold sparkle. It's very blendable and no fall out.
White Chocolate (Matt) - The double B! A beautiful and blendable cream colour, perfect for a highlight colour. 
Milk Chocolate (Matt) - Same consistency as White Chocolate, a light brown which is my favourite to use in the crease.  
Black Forest Truffle (Frost/Glitter) - A beautiful deep purple with gold glitter. You need to be careful of fall out with this colour, unfortunately the consistency is slightly chalky. 
Triple Fudge (Sheen) - Black/Brown colour, blendable and great for the outer C! 
Salted Caramel (Matt) - Let's just take a second to say I love salted caramel. It's a peachy light brown great for an overall lid colour.
Marzipan (Satin)- One of my favourite colours in the whole palette, a peachy shimmer with more of a satin finish. 
Semi-sweet  (Matt) - Reddish brown matt eyeshadow, great for that outer C again!  

Strawberry Milk (Matt) - This is a beautifully smooth eyeshadow, it feels like butter! But the reality is that this is my least used colour in my palette, but every time I see it it reminds me of strawberry short cake!
Candied Violet (Shimmer) - Purple and Blue colour, with a heavy glitter base. Once again beware of fall out, be sure to pat on the lid vs sweep. 
Amaretto (Sheen) - Brown base with golden peach undertones, just lovely! So lovely.
Hazelnut (Sheen)- This is like Amaretto's sister. Reminds me of Amber Lights by Mac. 
Creme Brûlée (Sheen) - I love this kind of colour for all over the lid. It's golden with a brown sheen. 
Haute Chocolate (Sheen) - A darker brown shimmer, I would say a cousin to Amaretto and Hazelnut. It's just a chocolate family in this palette. 
Cherry Cordial - Burgundy Brown colour. Amazing, but is a slightly chalky consistency. 
Champagne Truffle (Sheen) - Pink/Cream sheen, perfect for highlighting the eyebrows and even the tops of the cheeks. 

In summary, fellow beauty addicts, this is a must have in your make up collection. It's just amazing and versatile. For the price it's a great one to have. 

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