Saturday, May 31, 2014


I honestly can't believe that May has come and gone. I just don't know how the year has gone by so fast. The good news is June is an exciting month, because it's my birthday month - which means pressies and who doesn't love presents? Everyone loves presents! Anyways, let's continue on  celebrating May first. Luckily, in Melbourne we've had some lovely weather which felt more like Spring than Autumn/Winter, so what's why my favourites are brighter than what I would normally wear within the winter months. 

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne - This is my first ever Jo Malone perfume and currently it's my only one. I went to a beautiful Jo Malone counter with my best friend and upon smelling this scent we both had to immediately buy it! It's the perfect spring/summer scent, it's light, but not sickly sweet. I've never been a fan of fruity smelling perfumes, always leaning towards the musks and darker notes, however there is a sophistication and elegance about this perfume that is completely undeniable. If you have a chance to smell this, trust me - you'll need it in your life! 

Mac Lady Danger - This lipstick is just perfect. It's a fantastic red with beautiful orange undertones. The moment you swipe this on your lips your face instantly lights up. That's what I love about Lady Danger, on lazy days I put this on with a little bit of mascara and tinted moisturiser and I'm done! 

Mac Pink Swoon - Pink Swoon is a much loved blush by avid Mac fans. It's a perfect matte pink blush that gives you that darling snow kissed cheek. I dust it on lightly for a fresh flush. 

The Body Shop Eyeshadow # 8 -  This eyeshadow is in the old Body Shop packaging, if you're looking for a similar colour  Colour Crush Bronze Bliss  in the new range looks similar.  I love the consistency of Body Shop eyeshadows, they're very silky and blendable. For  Aussie's they're affordable! This colour is just a dream, once again another no fuss product just one swipe on the lids and you're done. 

Maybelline The Lip Elixir Captivating Carnation -  I did a whole blog post dedicated to these wonders, so I won't bore about why I love these again, but Captivating Carnation is the colour I've been most drawn to throughout the month. 

L'Oreal Paris False Lash Butterfly Wings Mascara - Before I found this product I was using Eyeko's Curly Mascara which is amazing. This product does the same thing, it curls your lashes and gives you that flirty lash look which I love! It separates each lash perfectly,  a dream come true for a mascara lover like myself.  There is only one downside to this product and it's the smell. It's not very enticing, but the product is so good that I'm able to forgive the smell. 

I've also done a few swatchy swatches for you guys! Thank you again for reading, I appreciate it.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


My first comment is going to cause people to give me the side eye - I normally don't get chapped lips.   The only time I get chapped lips is if I'm sick or if I'm wearing a ultra matte lipstick. This lip product was bought out desperation when I was extremely sick a few weeks ago with a server cold, my lips were so chapped I felt like I was a snake shedding their skin (I know, gross). I'd heard about this product from essiebutton, she's one of my favourite beauty bloggers and I always trust her opinion, so I knew who to turn too for my conundrum. 

Let me start off by saying this product works miracles, there must be some sort of sorcery in the ingredients. I put it on overnight and I woke up with my lips feeling back to normal. I repeat, overnight, one night, that's it. That must be some kind of magic and should be recorded in the World's Guinness Records book right?

The product also smells amazing, if you know me it's all about the smell. I know it says it's an Aloe product, but I swear it smells like Blueberries. Overall, I need to give The Body Shop a round of applause for this product, it works.

Let me know if you've tired it and what you think. 
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Sunday, May 25, 2014


So, I'm on a bit of a lip product kick. You would have noticed that the last few posts have all been about lips..... and the lip love continues in this post. 

Today I'm raving about an Australian brand called Shanghai Suzy. The brand was founded in my home town of Melbourne by a former Marketing Executive of a cosmetic company. What I love about the brand, is that it's affordable and great for anyone on a beauty budget. In Australia, we even pay a premium on what most people would consider drug store product, a L'Oreal lipstick can easily set us back $20. Shanghai Suzy lipsticks are only $12.95 and the quality isn't compromised because  of the price. 

The lipsticks are extremely pigmented (every beauty bloggers favourite word) and the colour range is amazing. The colours are unique and have a lot of character.  I remember the first time I received a lipstick was within a show bag. The moment I opened up the packaging, it was over for me. I was in love with the smell. The lipsticks smelt exactly like Grape Hubba Bubba, how can you say no to that?

The only thing I would say about these products is they are very creamy, so if your lips don't agree with a creamier formula you might want to look at priming your lips first or using a mattifying balm underneath. 

If you're an Australian beauty lover, I would 100% recommend checking them out. The moment I tried the first one, I got online and ordered so many more.

I can't wait to get my hands on the new collection, the colours look amazing - as always!

P.S. the names are adorable, I always wondered if they were named after people the founder knew/knows. 

Hope you're all having an amazing day and thank you for reading. 

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Friday, May 23, 2014


The moment I found out Drew Barrymore was coming out with a beauty line, I had my purse out and I was ready to splash out. Of course, the products are only available in America, so I had to use my handy dandy forwarding address to get these wonders in my hands. 

I've always loved Drew Barrymore and to be honest I'm actually a little bias. In my teenage years a lot of people use to compare me to Drew, not because we look alike, but because we move our mouths in a similar fashion. Too much information I know, but it's one of my favourite compliments to receive. 

Not only do I love Drew, but I like the story about the brand name.  Apparently, Drew asks people what flower they are rather than ask them describe their personalities. The reality is our flower personality changes as we get older and our lives change. At the moment, I'm very much be a 'David Austin Rose', very traditional but there is also a little quirkiness in there.  I also love that the the products are made in America (woohoo to companies who support local business) and never ever test on animals. My love for this brand is starting to sound like an infomercial isn't it? Let's move on hah. 

I was most excited about the Kiss Sticks, so they were the first I ordered. The ones which are black are High Shine lip colours and the white one is a Velvet finish. 

All I can say, is that these gems are worth every cent. Not only are they affordable, but they are also very pigmented and creamy. Both formulas last on the lips for a very long time. I would suggest placing a lip balm underneath the velvet finish so your lips don't get chapped throughout the day. 

My favourite colour is Ginger Lily - it's perfect for my medium toned skin. I've always found it hard to buy an orange which compliments my skin tone, but I struck gold with Ginger Lily! 

My fellow beauty addicted in the States, you are very lucky to have this brand at your disposal, I'd be running to Walmart every second day to stock up.  Can't wait until it's released internationally. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and see you very soon. 

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Sunday, May 18, 2014


Every Australian beauty lover rejoiced when these lovelies finally hit our shores! I think I may have even squealed when I found out they were finally stocked at Priceline. After watching every YouTuber and their mum talk about the Maybelline Color (Colour for my Australians and UK friends) Sensational Elixirs, I knew I needed them in my life. I was so impatient that I ordered some off the Walmart website and the day they arrived was the day they were released in Australia (just my luck). I quickly hopped into my car to turn my 5 lip elixirs into 8, like a make up magic trick.  

These creatures deserve all the hype, similar to NYX lip butters they feel amazing on the lips. Creamy, not sticky(yippee), great colour payoff and a perfect hybrid between a lipstick and a gloss. They are created to be worn sheen, however the colour is very much build-able. Choosing a favourite colour, is what I imagine mothers feel like when they have to choose a favourite child. I just can't pick because I love them all equally. Captivating Carnation and Celestial Coral are very wearable for an every day look and Signature Scarlet gives you the perfect hollywood red lip. 

On top of all the formula positives, the packaging is too adorable (excuse the residue from the security sticker, no amount of hot soapy water assisted. Don't you just hate that?). The applicator is fantastic for an easy application, the spade/diamond shape is made really well and great for applying on the run. It reminds me a lot of the YSL Colour Volupte applicator, except there isn't the additional curve in the middle. Overall, the product is very comparable to all the high end products creating a very similar hybrid between a lipstick and a gloss including the YSL Colour Volupte and the Dior Fluid Stick.

Thank you for reading darlings, be sure to give these a go and let me know what you think.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014


I've spoken about these wonderful creations before, but I can't get enough of them! I want them all. NYX Cosmetics has only recently entered the Australian market, and is available at Target. Before this time, I would always scourer through the internet to try and find the best international shipping rates to get these coveted products and can you blame me? They're amazing and affordable.

The first one I purchased was 'Vanilla Cream Pie',  this is the most perfect pink out of the whole collection. It's a mid tone pink and very wearable, but in reality all of these glosses are wearable.  Let's be honest, I fell out of love with lipgloss probably when I entered University and gloss because my long hair would get stuck on my lips and that's never a good feeling. However, recently, I've been trying to find the perfect gloss, because sometimes lipstick is just too high maintenance particularly with touch ups throughout the day. 

These babies are the perfect gloss. Not only do they make your lips look luscious and plump, but they also feel great on the lips. I've always hated when gloss felt sticky or grainy (you know when they have glitter chunks them), it was just never comfortable to wear. These glosses really do feel like butter, I know this word is overused in the beauty community but it's the truth.  All I can say, is try them. They are totally worth the dollars and fade off your lips evenly throughout the day. Just do it, I know you want too. I know I'm a shopping enabler.

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