Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Who doesn't love an eyeshadow palette? Particularly one with neutral colours. Too be honest, I'm a sucker for any eyeshadow palette - the moment I hear one is coming out, my fingers are ready to make the online order! As my friends say, Dana, really another natural palette? Even though most of them are comparable, they're different enough for me to convince myself I need another one. So, here's a post dedicated to the loves of my life - neutral palettes 

Naked Palette - This was the original Naked palette and in my heart it's still my favourite of all the palettes. You can tell by the photo that my much loved colour is Naked which I use to sweep through the brows on a daily basis, followed closely by Buck which is my favourite crease colour. On the shimmer front, my favourites are Smog and Side Car. Overall, this palette is a must-have in your make up collection. All the colours are blendable, pigmented and they're just plain and simply gorgeous. 

Naked 3 Palette - The moment I laid eyes on this palette I instantly turned into the Fry from  the Futurama Meme (SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY). It features rose gold tones and the buzz on the street was that this is the bees knees. I didn't need any more convincing - I just needed to find a website that would ship it down under. I can't tell you how much I love this palette, it's amazing! My favourite colours are hands down Mugshot and Liar, I love using these on the whole lid partnered with Buck in the crease.

Stila 'In The Know' Eyeshadow Palette - Oh my word, this palette is just matte heaven. It's my go to for work days when I want to have a subtle eye look. My favourite colours are Smoke and Fire. Smoke is a beautiful mid toned grey which is great at creating a subtle smokey eye and fire is a beautiful burnt orangey brown. 

Lorac Pro Palette - One of the most coveted palettes in the beauty community. Taupe is very similar to Buck in the Naked Palette and it was the first colour I hit pan on. The top row is all wonderfully pigmented and opaque mattes and the bottom row are a magical sheen/frost. The bottom row looks glittery, but there is absolutely no fall out. Woohoo!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette - When I opened this palette to take the photo, I had to sit there and smell it for 5 minutes. I just can't get over how much this palette smells like a hot chocolate, all we need is some marshmallows. I've done another post on this palette so I won't bore you with the details, but at the moment my favourite colours to use are Glided Ganache and Amaretto.

Here are some of the swatches of my favourite colours. Hope you enjoy:

Left to Right: Too Faced Chocolate Palette (Amaretto and Triple Fudge), Naked 2 Palette (Mug Shot & Liar), Naked (Side Car & Smog), Lorac Pro (Garnet & Deep Purple) and Stila (Rain & Smoke).

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