Monday, June 23, 2014


I really never thought there would be a day that I would be putting oil on my face. As an combination/oily skin type, the thought of cleansing my face with oil frightened me-  those who have combination skin know exactly what I mean. It was only recently that my beautician let me know for some combination skin types, the skin produces excess oil to compensate for when your skin is actually requiring moisture or is feeling stripped from chemical products. 

To be honest, I had heard a lot about cleaning oils across the beauty community, but shied away from them for a while. It wasn't until I saw The Body Shop Silky Cleansing Oil that I was tempted to use one. The idea of an oil being made out of camomile, which is universally known to be gentle excited me. The moment I used it, I feel in love. The oil is extremely gentle on the skin, doesn't strip the skin and takes off every ounce of make up. I don't know if this is recommended by The Body Shop, but I use it to take off my eye make up and there isn't that horrible stinging feeling in the eyes. 
The product is fantastic. As the name stipulates the oil feels more like silk on the face and the moment you wash it off, you aren't left with that horrible residue feeling. I can't speak any more highly about this product, I know that sometimes when a product has such a hype it doesn't necessarily meet expectation, but this product really does!
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