Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Oh my word. Can we just take a minute of silence to adore this packaging. Every time I purchase a YSL beauty product I feel ultra posh and immediately want to put it in my purse only as an excuse to pull out and admire. I love the fact that the Gloss Volupte packaging mixes metals, because there is nothing I love than breaking the rules - gold and silver DO look great together and if YSL agrees who are we to argue? 

This lip gloss deserves to sit on a little pedestal. The moment you open it, you are hit with a delightful fruity scent from the gloss. The applicator is fantastic and is an angled diamond shape. It reminds me of a calligraphy pen where the gloss sits in the gap within the diamond and is distributed once placed on the lips. This applicator really does make all the difference, I know it sounds crazy, but trust me. The shape of the applicator is what makes it easy to reapply throughout the day without a mirror as well as distribute the product evenly across the lips. 

Now that I've had my crazy random chat about the applicator, I must say this colour is to die for. I chose Golden 49 because it's a wonderful Fuchsia with golden/silver reflects of glitter pieces. Normally, I hate any glitter in lip gloss, but I don't know what YSL has done to this formula but you can't feel the glitter on your lips at all. I use this lipgloss over Mac Cosmo and it's just wonderful. The texture isn't sticky and is just extremely comfortable to wear throughout the day. I wouldn't say it is long wearing, but it wears off evenly on the lips without any extreme feathering. 

This is one of those products which is very indulge and more of a little treat if you're looking at buying a beautiful lip gloss. 

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  1. The color looks so lovely! I love YSL's packaging but they're so expensive :(
    Great post!

    1. It's lovely. I know all high end products are a bit of a treat because of the cost x