Friday, July 4, 2014


I love discovering great make up brushes which are affordable. It's one of my greatest little delights. I had heard so many great reviews about the Sephora Pro brushes, so I knew when I was stocking stocking up online I had to pop one of these brushes in my cart.

Since I've started using the brush, I've been in love. First and foremost, the brush feels like silk on the skin. It's one of those moments, where you take the brush out of its packaging and weirdly stroke your face with it for a good 10 minutes before even using it with foundation. You know you do it too!

The brush has a perfect combination of density and flexibility in the bristles which allows you to get into those little spots around your nose and eyes. It works great with every foundation I've used it with from Make Up Forever HD to True Match (which you know I've been having some difficulty with previously). Your face does look flawless and airbrushed when you use this. Oh and as a very special added bonus, its super easy to clean. I love that every time I wash it it almost looks brand new!

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  1. Great review!
    I've never tried Sephora brushes & I definitely want to buy this one and give it a try.

  2. Thank you Lovely! It's a dream to use.

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