Wednesday, July 9, 2014


This is the mascara with a cheeky name that everyone is talking about. Being from a marketing background, I have a appreciation for clever marketing and the name of this product has everyone talking. 

I guess putting the name aside, people want to know does it really work? The answer is yes. As the product claim it gives your lashes a massive amount of volume. The brush is a significant amount larger than what I am use to using with my other mascaras, but it is still easy to use and wiggle across your lashes. 

The formula of the mascara itself is very thick and with any thick formulated mascara you have to be careful not to overload your lashes with mascara which causes clumping and spider lashes.  So my little trick is to to wipe off any additional formula back into the tube and then apply the mascara. You don't need to be overly generous with this mascara, because it does the job even with one coat, which is a bonus because that will mean the product lasts for an extended period of time. 

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  1. Too Faced has some of the most crazy mascaras! I remember when Better Than Sex came out and everyone went crazy over it lol. : P

    Bit nervous about trying this one out now that I know it's a thicker formula! I've always been a fan of more thin formulas when it comes to mascara. Super cool that it's only a one coater though. Those are always awesome.

    1. I'm the same, I'm not a fan of thick formula mascara, I like one I can layer easily! But this is a good one to try xx

  2. This is my current mascara that I've been using and i've been liking it so far! Great review :)