Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Recently, I was cleaning out my make up collection and found a lot of throw back beauty products, that I thought would be fun to share with all you lovelies. 

I'm slightly older than most in the current beauty community and my obsession with make up started long ago prior to YouTube gurus and bloggers. It was actually in a time where the beauty community gathered on LiveJournal (any one else retro enough to know about LJ's hayday?). I would save all my money from my job while I was in university to buy the latest and greatest make up releases (I only started knowing about make up and using it during my 2nd year at university). You would never buy products off eBay and this was well before online stores catered for international buyers. So what we would do is have ' LJ buyers', we'd make friends with girls from the US and have the items shipped to us and we'd transfer the funds to them. Crazy I know, it was back in the day when you trusted people on the  internet more. 

It was actually how I was introduced to Leesha and her start of her YouTube video career. It's crazy to think how much the beauty community has grown and expanded. Enough of my ramblings, I guess this whole backstory is just to tell you about how my obsession with Mac Cosmetics was formed and I remember so vividly everyone's excitement for the Heatherette collection to be launched! 

I believe it  released back in 2008,  they released 4 Lipsticks (FleshPot, Lollipop Loving, Melrose Mood and Hollywood Nights), 4 Lipglasses (Bonus Beat, Sock Hop, Starlet Kiss and Style Minx), 4 Duel Eyeshadow Pencils, 4 Pigments, 2 Beauty Powders, 2 Nail Polishes and 2 of the most talked about Eyeshadow Trios. 

I purchased Heatherette Trio 2 with the eyeshadows Baby Petals, VIP and Cassette. I loved this trio so much that I barely used it, I treated it like gold and discovering it again makes me happy. I don't use it anymore, because it's over 8 years old (ah!) - but I keep it in my stash as a memory or like a crazy make up collector/ hoarder! . 

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Monday, August 18, 2014


Natural/Neutral coloured eyeshadows give me life! You all know how much I love a good natural eyeshadow and this duo is definitely one of my favourites.  

I know this is going to sound like a stereotypical descriptor for these eyeshadows, but they feel like butter, are extremely pigmented and they last on the eyes all day. Good job Bare Minerals, you deserve a make up Emmy for this little duo. 

The colours are fantastic, the champagne colour is perfect for all over the eyelid and the bronze (which is very similar to MAC's Amber Lights), is just delightful in the crease or in the outer corner. 

I must say, there is only one thing I don't like about this duo and it's the packaging. While it feels wonderful, and is very much Nars-esque, it gets too dirty too quickly. You can see despite my many attempts at cleaning it for the photo, there is still a significant amount of  smudge marks. 

However, if you ignore the packaging you'll be extremely pleased with the eyeshadows. It's a good little affordable duo, and it lasts forever (by forever, I mean I've had it for 6 months and I haven't even made a dent in the eyeshadow). 

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Friday, August 15, 2014


Look, it's shiny, pretty and looks like a bullet, what the hell is it you ask? It's the best lip product in the world, yes in the world. I know it sounds like a complete and utter overstatement, but I love Ellis Faas Hot Lips. The first time I saw the packaging, I didn't quite understand what it was until I popped open the lid and swatched the delightful creamy lipstick inside! 

I can't say enough good things about this lipstick, my favourite colour is L406 (I wish they had cuter names rather than numbers) and it's the creamiest and non drying lip product you can ask for. Yes, it's a little pricey, but it is completely worth it. The colour is a darling berry and is fantastic for medium skin tones. 

This is another wish list must buy, if you're looking for something a little special! 

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I got this fabulous little Sephora Favourites pack back in June for my birthday. I almost forgot a had it until I was cleaning my make up draw (does anyone else do that?). My guilty make up pleasure is little miniatures, I love trying out sample sizes of products before buying a full size, plus they are just so darn cute. 

This pack mixes my two favourite things, lip and nail products. It also has given me a chance to try some beauty brands I've never tried before including Formula X nail polishes and Bite Beauty.  

The lip products are to die for, you can't go wrong with anything labelled Hourglass, Bite and Tarte. They are all very sheer lip colours and are great for summery light make up days or for layering over your favourite lipstick. 

The Nails Inc, Deborah Lippmann and Formula X nail polishes are amazing, and last a long time on the nails.  My favourite is Formula X, it is definitely worth the hype - it goes on like a dream and is so quick drying, it's like magic. 

Pictured above: Tarte Lip Surgence Elite, Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Gloss Strange Fruit and Hourglass Extreme Sheen Child. 

These little minute lip products will be packed in my little make up bag for when I head to the States later this month. This  really is a great way to try a various amount of brands before committing to a full size product and we all know that samples last a lot longer than we think they do!
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Saturday, August 9, 2014


Before I review this product, I need to tell you a little back story about gel nail polish and my nails. When Shellac first came out I was obsessed, any nail polish which promised to stay on my nails longer than 3 days was a winner. I'm not very dainty when it comes to my manicures and generally ruin them within 2 minutes of leaving the beauty parlour (normally when putting on my seat belt in the car), so the idea of a long wearing gel nail polish  always thrilled me. The thing about Shellac that no manicurists (except the lovely French Pink ladies in Melbourne) ever tells you is how damaging it is on your nails. The gel doesn't allow your  cuticles to breath and dries your nails out. I naturally had weak nails and after getting Shellac applied countless times to my nails, my nails weakened and actually started to hurt because they were so thin. From that day on, I swore off any Shellac or UV light nail product. 

This is why I am so excited by the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, it gives you the longevity of a Shellac like product but without needing to soak your finger nails in harsh acetone to remove it. I love B Girl, it's my favourite colour, it's a beautiful grey blue which reminds me of a muted Tiffany colour (and let's be honest ladies, who doesn't love Tiffany?). I had to give my nails three coats of the polish and one coat of the top coat, and it dried so fabulously quick. I was amazing,  I thought after three coats my nails would smudge but they didn't. Below is a picture of me wearing them for over 5 days. All I can say, is this is love at first use! 

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Is it bad to admit on a fun loving beauty blog that I've had one of the worst weeks?  I guess, we should look at it this way, it was a week  that was so bad that I couldn't even avoid typing anything on my blog without mentioning it. It's weeks like these that are designed to test people and make them stronger.

I decided to do a blog post regardless of my mopey mood because my blog is my escape and talking about the items I love is my scantuary.  So, without any further sooky disruptions here are my July beauty favourites. 

Nar Sheer Glow (Punjab) - This foundation has been an absolute savour. With multiple sleepless nights this month, this is the only product which has saved me from the 'you look so tired' comments at work. The foundation makes your skin look alive, even after countless teary Ed Sheeran sing alongs - admit it we've all been there. 

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette - I'm a lazy little critter in the morning, and I don't want to overly think my make up routines in the morning. This palette makes it look like I put a crazy amount of effort into my eye look, because all the colours are so beautiful! 

Bobbi Brown Blush (Apricot) - This is another one of those products that makes you look alive without trying. This blush has turned me into a English Rose vs. Edward Cullen in the mornings. 

L'Oreal Mascara Butterfly Effects - Most amazing and affordable product. I love this mascara! It makes my lashes fluttery and long! Two of the best combinations a girl can ask for. 

MAC Lipstick Cosmo and YSL Gloss Volupte Golden 49 - These two products are my go to combination for the perfect every day lip colour. Without a doubt if you see me during the week, I'm wearing these two darlings. 

Nars Eyeliner Long Wear Eyeliner - Standard black eyeliner, that I adore. It lasts forever on the eyes is just a dream! 

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Saturday, August 2, 2014


When I first started getting into make up, which wasn't until my college years (I was a late beauty bloomer, tom boy through and through), I never understood the importance of good make up brushes. It was only through my discovery of beauty forums on LiveJournal - YES, I did say LiveJournal, that's how old I am kids. This was well before the days of YouTube that I realised all the girls who had amazing MAC brushes were achieving the most flawless foundation finishes and amazingly blended eyes. So, I said good bye to my sponge applicators and brushes which were supplied with the make up and I bought my first MAC brush.  I, like most had a heart attack at the price of these brushes, but I also became addicted. 

However, I'm thankful that these days a lot more companies are creating make up brushes which are affordable and are just as good as the higher end brushes. So, I thought I'd dedicate this post to my favourite brushes, most are MAC because I have a soft spot for them, but there are a lot of amazing alternatives out there I promise.  

Sephora Pro Flawless Airbrush 56 - This is a new purchase and I've raved about it in a previous post, but it's made the biggest difference to my foundation application. I have this theory that this brush can make any foundation look good on the skin. A definite must buy and the love of my life. 

Jessup Tapered Synthetic Brush - This comes in a set of 10 on eBay for the ridiculously cheap price of $15. For the price and the amount you get, the quality is good enough, but don't expect them to live up to the standards of higher end brushes. This is the only brush that I keep coming back to, and I use it for contouring, because the brush is so dense and the tip tapers off it makes for get powder or cream application. 

MAC 217 and MAC 224 - These were my first MAC eyeshadow brushes, they are more than 6 years old now. So, while they are an investment, they last for a ridiculously long time. They've been through countless washes and trips across the globe and they are still as good as the day I first bought them. These two brushes are the only 2 that I use for eyeshadow application. The 217 is the white one, which is more dense and great for blending while packing on eyeshadow and I use the 224 for contouring the eye. These brushes were all the hype back in the day, and talking about them is taking me back to happy memories! 

MAC 129 - This is the perfect blush brush. It's great for dabbing on colour to the apples of your cheek and isn't too dense. It's just right. 

Sigma Tapered Face Brush - I use this brush for bronzing, it's great for an all over bronzer. As it has a tapered edge, it can also get into your cheek bones and into your temples perfectly. It's a great affordable brush an the moment Sigma opened up for business I started singing hallelujah for affordability. 

Real Techniques Stippling Brush - I can only bow down to Samantha Chapman for creating these brushes. Every single brush in her collection is fabulous, I can't actually fault them. The crazy thing is that the sets and individual brushes are ridiculously affordable! This stippling brush is great for applying foundation and also blending out product on the face. If you're just starting out with make up and don't have a massive budget for brushes, definitely check out Real Techniques. 

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