Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Recently, I was cleaning out my make up collection and found a lot of throw back beauty products, that I thought would be fun to share with all you lovelies. 

I'm slightly older than most in the current beauty community and my obsession with make up started long ago prior to YouTube gurus and bloggers. It was actually in a time where the beauty community gathered on LiveJournal (any one else retro enough to know about LJ's hayday?). I would save all my money from my job while I was in university to buy the latest and greatest make up releases (I only started knowing about make up and using it during my 2nd year at university). You would never buy products off eBay and this was well before online stores catered for international buyers. So what we would do is have ' LJ buyers', we'd make friends with girls from the US and have the items shipped to us and we'd transfer the funds to them. Crazy I know, it was back in the day when you trusted people on the  internet more. 

It was actually how I was introduced to Leesha and her start of her YouTube video career. It's crazy to think how much the beauty community has grown and expanded. Enough of my ramblings, I guess this whole backstory is just to tell you about how my obsession with Mac Cosmetics was formed and I remember so vividly everyone's excitement for the Heatherette collection to be launched! 

I believe it  released back in 2008,  they released 4 Lipsticks (FleshPot, Lollipop Loving, Melrose Mood and Hollywood Nights), 4 Lipglasses (Bonus Beat, Sock Hop, Starlet Kiss and Style Minx), 4 Duel Eyeshadow Pencils, 4 Pigments, 2 Beauty Powders, 2 Nail Polishes and 2 of the most talked about Eyeshadow Trios. 

I purchased Heatherette Trio 2 with the eyeshadows Baby Petals, VIP and Cassette. I loved this trio so much that I barely used it, I treated it like gold and discovering it again makes me happy. I don't use it anymore, because it's over 8 years old (ah!) - but I keep it in my stash as a memory or like a crazy make up collector/ hoarder! . 

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  1. Ah it's lovely to discover long lost beauty products, pity you can't still use it!

  2. I have a couple things in my collection that Leesha inspired me to get too ;) I would thrown them out but- pretty!
    Imogen's Typewriter. <3