Saturday, September 6, 2014


Oh my word. I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while. I'm actually in the midst of a vacation in the US. I can't wait to get back home and share with you all the little beauty treasures I've purchased. It's a dangerous place for us beauty lovers, particularly as prices are a lot cheaper lower than in Australia. I've been a kid in a candy store, buying multiple neutral palettes and an excessive amount of lipsticks. 

Speaking of lipsticks, I ticked off something on my bucket list and made my very own lipsticks at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab. It's such a wonderful experience for any beauty lover and extremely unique.  I couldn't say no to making my own lipstick particularly when it was only $28 per lipstick! You can't even by a Revlon lipstick for that much back home. 

I tried to make an appointment countless times, but they are normally booked out in advance, so I tried my luck at being placed on the wait-list. Basically, you pop in to the store that day and they call you back when (if) they have an availability. I had to wait approximately 2 hours, but that was okay because the beauty lab is located in Soho, which just meant extra shopping time. 

I was keen on creating two lipsticks a nude and a bold (warm toned pink). I always wanted to create a perfect nude, because I found being a medium skin tone that most nudes completely washed me out. 

The beauty scientists or lab techs (that's what I'm going to call them with their wonderful lab coats and mason jars) were so attentive and listened to what I wanted to achieve. They talk you through the process, mix up the perfect colour combinations and let you try on the lipsticks as you went along. During this time you also pick if you want you lipstick to be a cream, sheen or a matte finish. I went for cream, because they always feel the best after all day wear. 

After they've created the perfect combination, you pick your scent! I went for lime and wild berry, and I'm sniffing them at the moment and they smell delightful. 

Just in case by this stage you didn't feel like the experience was detailed enough, they even give you a chose of four packages. I have never seen a service so customisable, and I was gobsmacked by excitement. 

If you are ever in NYC, you have to check out the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, it's a must for any beauty lover. You won't be disappointed. 

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  1. Seems like such an awesome opportunity! Glad you got to do it and hopefully someday I will too! And a Revlon lipstick is $28!? Where on earth do you live!?

    1. Australia! Drug store make up is out of this world down under. X

  2. I was amazed and set on going and then reading about the packaging sealed the deal. i am going in to be in New York in the new few months and will be sure to make an appointment. Thanks!

  3. This is something I definitely want to do one day! It looks like so much fun and interesting too!

  4. Looks awesomeeeee <3

  5. probably it was very interesting

  6. This is a place that is on my visit list now!
    It looks amazing!

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