Sunday, October 26, 2014


I purchased these darling two lip stains (01 and 03) after seeing the beautiful Amelia Liana rave about them on countless videos and blog posts. I was very hesitant at first, because I've never experienced a stain or a matte gloss that has ever felt comfortable on the lips. I feel the same way about matte lipsticks, after wearing them for more than a few hours, my lips feel like they want to spilt in two.

However, these products feel like heaven on the lips. They are creamy and feel like a MAC amplified lipstick on the lips. And as an added plus, they aren't watery. They last through eating, drinking and a day of run at a Strawberry Field. WIN.

After six hours, my lips felt a little dry but that's still very impressive from any other stain I've tried. If you're looking for a product that is long lasting, looks great and is extremely pigmented then this is the way to go. 

 Left: 01 Right: 03

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Thursday, October 23, 2014


I love having painted nails, but I hate waiting for them to dry. It is my biggest pet peeve and even at the nail salon I get antsy. I'm always waving my hands frantically underneath the fan and of course, because I am no impatient my nails are never 100% dry. I instantly ruin them  the moment I need to put my seat beat on in the car or I end up desperately needing to go to the bathroom. 

What's the moral of the story you ask? Well, I have fallen completely in love with Sephora Formula X nail polish, because it solves all my nail polish problems. I can not begin to rave about this nail polish and nail system. Not only is it pigmented (two coats is all you'll ever need), but it dries so quickly. Honesty, it's as fast as lighting. 

I always paint my nails late at night, when I know I should be sleeping. Then after 30 minutes, I end up heading up to bed only to wake with my nail polish all squashed and mangled. With the Formula X nail polish, it dries in under 10 minutes and I have never and I mean never woken up with wrecked nails.  Hallelujah! It is completely and utterly pillow proof, it's magic I tell you, utter magic. 

The system itself is amazing. The nail cleaner works in the same way a primer does for your foundation, it just cleans the nail of any unwanted bumps, the base coat protects the nail and the top coat gives you the gel finish that we all dream about. 

Top Left: Radical Bottom Left: Incandescent  Top Right: Reckless Bottom Right:A+ 

I picked these colours up in the states and I can't wait until Sephora arrives down under so I can get my hands on even more colours. 

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Saturday, October 11, 2014


One brand I was very excited to try and buy while I was in the States was Milani. I must say, maybe because I'm a massive reality TV junkie, but every time I see Milani written down I always think of Milania from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Sad and completely random, I know. 

Now that we've gotten my reality TV confessions out on the table, let's talk about these darlings - the Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow. I had heard so much about them and couldn't get over the fact they were only $5 bucks. My jaw dropped and these little pretties went into my basket. 

     Left to right: Bella Sand (Shimmer), Bella Cafe (Satin Matte), Bella Bronze (Metallic) and Bella Taupe (Satin Matte) 

While these eyeshadows $5, the quality can certainly revile that of all your favourite high end shadows including Urban Decay, MAC and Too Faced.  They come in three different formulas, Shimmer, Satin Matte and Metallic. My favourite of all three finishes, is the Metallic. It's pigmented, rich and easy to blend. The only one which I was disappointed with, was Bella Cafe (Satin Matte), the colour payoff was not as I hoped, it's best suited for someone with a lighter complexion. 

If you pick up one thing this week, it has to be one of these eyeshadows. You will have no regrets and certainly no buyers remorse. $5 dollars well spent! 

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Another blog post about Urban Decay, Dee?  Really, twice in a row? That's a bit excessive. Let me take a moment to be honest, I have a full blown love affair with Urban Decay (shout it from the rooftop kind of love) and when it comes to their eyeshadows and the Naked range I'm just smitten. 

I had to pick up the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics palette when I saw it, because believe it or not I don't own the first Basics palette. Don't go falling off your chair while you read that... there was once a time when I was a s sensible make up addict. I thought that because I had the Urban Decay original palette I didn't require the basics palette. Boy was I wrong, you can never own enough neutral eyeshadows, particularly when they come so cutely packaged. 

Urban Decay, Swatches, Basic Palette, Urban Decay Basic Palette
The palette is a perfect curation of six beautifully neutral cool toned eyeshadows. It's just every neutral lovers dream. It's all packaged up in one little palette which is easy to throw in your hand bag. All six colours to me feel like a matte texture, even though Skimp is de described s more of a satin across the blogsphere. 
SKIMP - Beige/Peach, with a matte consistency. Great for the brow bone and an overall highlight colour. 
STARK - Muted Beige. It's had warm undertone and great to use all over the lid. Plus, I love the fact it reminds of Game of Thrones!
FRISK - Grey/Taupe. Lovely and unique, I also use this in the crease to create something a little more different than a standard brown/neutral eye. 
COVER - Red/Brown. This is one of the most pigmented shades within the palette and extremely blend-able. It reminds me a lot of 
PRIMAL - True Brown (with warm undertones). This is a great brown, with fantastic colour pigmentation and it's extremely blend-able. Love love love this colour. 
UNDONE  - Smokey Brown. I die for this colour, it's amazing to use in the outer c to smoke out the eyes. However, you need to build this colour up. Initially it's a little chalky, but one you get your 217 blending this out, it creates an amazing effect. 
Urban Decay, Swatches, Basic Palette, Urban Decay Basic Palette
From left to right (Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Cover, Primal and Undone)
If you're a fan of neutral palettes and enjoy cooler toned eyeshadows, I think this palette is for you. It's c convenient it had 6 great colours to create different looks and overall it's affordable! 
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