Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Another blog post about Urban Decay, Dee?  Really, twice in a row? That's a bit excessive. Let me take a moment to be honest, I have a full blown love affair with Urban Decay (shout it from the rooftop kind of love) and when it comes to their eyeshadows and the Naked range I'm just smitten. 

I had to pick up the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics palette when I saw it, because believe it or not I don't own the first Basics palette. Don't go falling off your chair while you read that... there was once a time when I was a s sensible make up addict. I thought that because I had the Urban Decay original palette I didn't require the basics palette. Boy was I wrong, you can never own enough neutral eyeshadows, particularly when they come so cutely packaged. 

Urban Decay, Swatches, Basic Palette, Urban Decay Basic Palette
The palette is a perfect curation of six beautifully neutral cool toned eyeshadows. It's just every neutral lovers dream. It's all packaged up in one little palette which is easy to throw in your hand bag. All six colours to me feel like a matte texture, even though Skimp is de described s more of a satin across the blogsphere. 
SKIMP - Beige/Peach, with a matte consistency. Great for the brow bone and an overall highlight colour. 
STARK - Muted Beige. It's had warm undertone and great to use all over the lid. Plus, I love the fact it reminds of Game of Thrones!
FRISK - Grey/Taupe. Lovely and unique, I also use this in the crease to create something a little more different than a standard brown/neutral eye. 
COVER - Red/Brown. This is one of the most pigmented shades within the palette and extremely blend-able. It reminds me a lot of 
PRIMAL - True Brown (with warm undertones). This is a great brown, with fantastic colour pigmentation and it's extremely blend-able. Love love love this colour. 
UNDONE  - Smokey Brown. I die for this colour, it's amazing to use in the outer c to smoke out the eyes. However, you need to build this colour up. Initially it's a little chalky, but one you get your 217 blending this out, it creates an amazing effect. 
Urban Decay, Swatches, Basic Palette, Urban Decay Basic Palette
From left to right (Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Cover, Primal and Undone)
If you're a fan of neutral palettes and enjoy cooler toned eyeshadows, I think this palette is for you. It's c convenient it had 6 great colours to create different looks and overall it's affordable! 
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