Friday, November 28, 2014


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When I missed our on last year's Nars holiday cheek palette release, I trolled the internet to get my hands on one and failed miserably! This year, when I heard about the Virtual Domination Cheek Palette I knew I wouldn't let it escape my pretty little hands. 

This limited edition holiday cheek palette showcases all of Nars' bestselling products. The largest cheek colour is the oh-so-famous Laguna Bronzing Powder, a bronzer which every beauty lover needs in their collection. The four smaller blushes are Deep Throat (pink/peach with slight shimmer, top right), Miss Liberty (highlighter, top left), and Sex Fantasy (pink with a slight touch of lavender, bottom left) and Final Cut (peach coral, bottom right). 

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Each blush is 0.15oz, which is just slightly off a standard sized Nars blush 0.16oz ( original size retails in the US for $30) and the Laguna Bronzer is a lot larger than the 0.38oz you usually get.  If you've had your eye on Nars blushes, it would be silly not to snap it up. Not to sound frugal, but you're receiving over $158 in value for $68!

This is a great Christmas present to purchase for any beauty lover, unfortunately for fellow beauty lovers its  not available in Australia (maybe when Sephora opens in Sydney!), but I ordered mine via Sephora using ShopMate by Australia Post (which was a lot of a smoother process than myus which I previously use to use). So get your hands on it ASAP, or else you'll end up trolling eBay like I did last year! 
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


The Dolce Vita, Charlotte Tilbury, Make Up, Review

Let's take a moment to insert the praying hands emoji for this eyeshadow palette. The Dolce Vita palette by the lovely Charlotte Tilbury is one of the most talked about beauty products in history. 

I tried to resist temptation for the longest time, telling myself I didn't need another neutral palette, but after countless beauty videos and blogs highlighting how wonderful these eyeshadows were are, I knew I needed it in my life. 

This really isn't just another neutral palette, Charlotte Tilbury knows make up and the consistency of these eyeshadows are a dream.

The Dolce Vita, Charlotte Tilbury, Make Up, Review
Each one is buttery, feels amazing and even the glitter colour (pop) had me worried, but there is absolutely no fall out.  You receive four beautiful eyeshadows, a primer (creamy/nude satin, top left),  enhance (bronzy red shimmer/satin, top right), pop (antique golden shimmer, bottom left) and smoke (smokey brown satin, bottom right).  
This is one palette that's easily thrown into ones bag and is super versatile You can take these shadows from day time to night (which is partying on the couch with a cup of tea and reality tv shows).  De Definitely requirement on the Christmas wish list, or a cheeky stocking filler for your best friend. 
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


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The one product range I was so excited about purchasing while I was in the States was Tom Ford. While the holiday seems like it was many moons ago, seeing these pretty products in my draw always reminds me of the trip and how desperately I want to jump on a plane straight to New York. 

If there is one thing Tom Ford does right it's the packaging. The moment you hold any of their products you instantly know it's high end and luxurious. You can't help but feel glamorous putting these products on. It's the type of packaging that makes you want to wear your mother's pearls and frolic in dresses Elizabeth Taylor would envy. 

Tom Ford, Cosmetics, Cheek Colour, Blush

I only purchased one blush, because by the end of the trip my wallet was screaming at me. However, I don't regret purchasing this little gem. It's amazingly buttery and looks wonderful on the skin, and would be fantastic for people with a slightly darker skin tone. While it's summer in Australia, this colour is perfect for the Autmun/Fall, it is definitely going to be my go to for the colder months.  

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


If you have an oily t-zone and you know it, clap your hands. *Claps ferociously*. It's one of my greatest pet peeves about my skin. I spend all morning getting my make up on point and then 4 hours later it's melted off my face because of my dreaded oily t-zone. I know they say oily skin keeps you younger, but that doesn't make you feel any better when by lunch time you're questioning whether you even remembered to put foundation on that morning. 

Benefit's The Porfessional: Agent Zero Shine is our life safer ladies. This stuff is like magic, you dust it across your t-zone in the morning and ta da it locks and loads that foundation. It lasts at least a good 6 hours on the face. 
Benefit, Benefit Cosmetics, The Porefessional 
The power itself is a peachy colour and is silky smooth. What makes it even better is that it's travel friendly and easy to carry. It comes with its very own baby kabuki, which makes you go awwww. This product is every beauty lovers dream. As hard as it pains me to say this, if I was asked to give up either my morning coffee or agent zero shine in the morning - I'd have to say coffee. That's how good this product is!  

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Sunday, November 16, 2014


Even though it's the middle of Spring in Melbourne, I am always drawn to Autumnal colours when it comes to lip products.  Maybe that's because there are always four seasons in a day in Melbourne and today feels more like Winter than Spring.

The Revlon Colourstay (pains me to spell color, without a u!)  Moisture Stain in Parisian Passion is the perfect Autumn/Fall/Winter colour. It's a deep plum shade, that I personally like to believe lives in  Lorde's beauty bag.  

The product is a long wearing lip stain which claims to be lightweight, creamy with vitamin E and aloe without that dreaded sticky feeling.  

When first applying the product, I felt a slight stickiness. It's very thick in consistency, which at first made me weary. However, after a few minutes it seeps into the lips and locks in. No stickiness at all, and you almost forget you're wearing it. I was surprised after 4 hours my lips were still very pigmented. 

I kept asking my my friends r relentlessly if the colour was on my lips all day and each time they begrudgingly said yes! Overall, this product is a winner, it's long lasting, comfortable on the lips and very pigmented. 

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Saturday, November 8, 2014


Lorac Mega Pro Palette, Swatches, Beauty Blogger, Lorac Pro

Well, hello lover.  This is probably one of the most hyped up holiday releases of the year. The Lorac Mega Pro palette has turned me into a modern day Veruca Salt. The moment I saw it,  I feel in love and immediately wanted it then and there.

Unfortunately, each time I went to purchase it, it was completely sold out! So I scrawled the internet and ended up purchasing it off eBay, way above it's retail price. All I can say is it is totally worth it and worth the extra dollars I paid.

The palette consists of 32 beautiful shadows, 16 of which are matte and 16 which are shimmers/satins. If you love the original Lorac palettes, you will adore this one. I can't fault the eyeshadows at all, they are pigmented and long wearing. There is not an ounce of chalkiness, and I find even with the shimmers there is minimal to no fall out, which for a clumsy applier of beauty products is a mega plus. 

The exciting thing about this palette is 28 of the colours are completely brand new. I love it when a make up company gives us something new and doesn't try to just repackage old colours. The 4 original colours are White, Cream, Espresso and Black which are the must have basics and I've almost hit pan on all of these in my original Lorac Pro palette. 

Lorac Mega Pro Palette, Swatches, Beauty Blogger, Lorac Pro

Above are a few colours I've swatched. You can just tell , even with the gentlest swipe of  colour on my fingertips how pigmented these shadow are. My favourite is Merlot, a winery/burgundy red which makes for an amazingly different smokey eye. 

The only thing I will say that I won't like about the palette and all the Lorac palettes is it's very difficult to clean. The moment you get any eyeshadow on the packaging, it instantly looks like a hot mess. While I'm OCD about my make up packaging, it's something I can completely forgive because the eyeshadows are out of this world. 

Hopefully the re-release this palette soon or make it part of their permanent range. It am in love.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014


Believe it or not, I've never owned a NARS eyeshadow duo! I can already see you guys throwing up your arms and screaming 'Shut the front door!' But it's true! I've always had NARS blushes, eyeliners and lipsticks but never an eyeshadow duo.   

I'm so proud for this to be my first. Jardin Perdu is completely beautiful. One is a royal purple and the other is a stunning sliver. The feel like heaven, and are the type of eyeshadow that always look wet, which by the way is one of my favourite formulas. 

Left: Eyeshadow Duo Jardin Perdu Right: Night Series Eyeliner Night Porter and Night Flight. 

I also received a Night Porter and Night Flight eyeliners by the wonderful beautiful at NARS. They gifted these to me. I was completely surprised and felt very special!
These eyeliners are amazing, they are all black, but have a very subtle undertone. Night Porter is black, with green reflects (amazing!) and Night Flight has  royal blue/purple undertones. I die for these eyelinders and what makes them better is they are creamy and long wearing. I've placed this on my waterline and they just look divine! 
If you own an NARs eyeshadow duo, let me know which is your favourite. I'm interested in trying out some more. 
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Saturday, November 1, 2014


I'll give you a moment to pick your mouth off the floor, because it took me a good 2 hours to get over the beautiful packaging. We all know this is one of the most coveted products in the beauty world at the moment and how can you not be in love with the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow, Bronzer, Glow,

 The packaging is a beautiful rose gold and you and tell it's complete quality. Picking it up makes you feel like you're holding a bar of gold and every time I use it, I feel like a complete celebrity.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow, Bronzer, Glow,
The moment you swatch this product, you understand why the world is going bananas over it. It feels like silk and everything about the product ticks the right boxes. The bronzer is very subtle and is more for creating shadows across the face. It's very iridescent it gives you that natural glow to the face. 
The highlight, I have no words. This highlighter is special. It's beautiful and the moment you place it on your cheek bones your face completely lights up. It's not shimmery, but very iridescent, if you love the Hourglass Ambient powders, you love this.  It really is all about the film start glow. 
You need to place this delight on your Christmas wishlist. 
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I've been wanting the bronzer from Marc Jacobs for the longest time. I was attracted to it  because  of the beautiful packaging and I loved all the tongue and cheek references on the box. The bronzer's tag line is 'size does matter' and this bronzer doesn't disappoint, it's the size of my face.  


The actual bronzer itself is matte, and not to over use this statement but it feels like butter. Soft, smooth and silky. Initially I was worried that it would be far too light for my medium skin tone, but this bronzer is completely buildable.  Without blending the product, you will instantly freak out because it has some significant orange undertones, but once you blend it in, it looks like a natural tan. 

While the price tag is a little hard for people to digest at $49US, it is a beautiful piece of make up and is great for anyone who is an avid make up lover. It's one of those items you have sitting on your vanity, because it is so beautiful. My only recommendation is not to travel with it, the packaging and product looks very delicate. 

Overall, my love for monochrome and contouring is all found is this product. I adore it! 

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