Saturday, November 1, 2014


I've been wanting the bronzer from Marc Jacobs for the longest time. I was attracted to it  because  of the beautiful packaging and I loved all the tongue and cheek references on the box. The bronzer's tag line is 'size does matter' and this bronzer doesn't disappoint, it's the size of my face.  


The actual bronzer itself is matte, and not to over use this statement but it feels like butter. Soft, smooth and silky. Initially I was worried that it would be far too light for my medium skin tone, but this bronzer is completely buildable.  Without blending the product, you will instantly freak out because it has some significant orange undertones, but once you blend it in, it looks like a natural tan. 

While the price tag is a little hard for people to digest at $49US, it is a beautiful piece of make up and is great for anyone who is an avid make up lover. It's one of those items you have sitting on your vanity, because it is so beautiful. My only recommendation is not to travel with it, the packaging and product looks very delicate. 

Overall, my love for monochrome and contouring is all found is this product. I adore it! 

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