Wednesday, April 22, 2015



Is it terrible to say I bought this product based on the name? I just adore Sex and The City and seeing this blush was named after Carrie an Big (even though I'm a Carrie and Aidan fan through and through), I knew I needed it in my pretty little hands.

While the name drew me in, the formula won me over. I know this word is used excessively in the beauty community, but the honest truth is this powder is buttery smooth. Too Faced are always amazing at formulating great face powders and this product is no exception.

The bronzer is similar in colouring to the cult favourite Laguna by Nars, but as the formula is so creamy, it's easier to blend on the skin and doesn't require as much effort. The blush itself is an adorable coral, which will suit a various amount of skin tones.


And, let's be honest - how can we finish talking about this product without mentioning the packaging? The duo is incased in the cutest little heart packaging and the mirror is so big it's perfect to throw into the hand bag for touching up. I'm sure when you pull this beauty out it will be a major talking point amongst friends.

Another great product by Too Faced and one that should definitely be on your next wish list.

P.S, which Sex and the City lady to you most relate to? In my younger years I would have completely said Charlotte, however I think as I grow older, I am completely and utterly a Miranda.

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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Roll up, Roll up to one of the most exciting mascara releases since Benefit's 'They're Real'. Ever since this pretty was first released in the UK, I knew I needed it.  For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you know that when it comes to mascara I adore any product that promises longer lashes, with greater lift and curl! I'm a girl who prefers length over volume. 

To be  honest, I'm always sceptical of mascaras which promise a longer lasting curl, a lot of products have disappointed me in the past. However, this mascara truly delivers on the claims! 

The wand itself is plastic, I'm normally more partial to a fibre wand,  however, it works wonders on this occasion. The small plastic bristles coat every single lash and pushes them to infinity and beyond.

The formula isn't clumpy and the tube design allows for even distribution of product without having an excess amount of mascara on your wand. The rubbery grip allows for more control, which is always a plus. The mascara itself is comfortable to wear all day, and there is no fall out! 

While, I adore 'They're Real' mascara, this is becoming my favourite, plus it's easier to remove than 'They're Real'! 

P.S - I was lucky enough to win a year supply of these delights from Benefit Australia, and I want to share the love, so be sure to be following me on Instagram here, to look out for an exciting Benefit  Cosmetics giveaway!

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Thursday, April 9, 2015


My love for ColourPop Lippie Stix is one of fairytales, I'm the Princess and these little fellas make me swoon like a proper Prince Charming. 

Since I ordered these bad boys 6 weeks ago, I've been wearing them on constant rotation. I'm just completely baffled and thrilled that a company has made such amazingly pigmented lip products, for $5 a pop (yay for affordability), not to mention they are cruelty free! These Lippie Stix can rival any high end lipstick product. All the formulas are so comfortable to wear on the lips, which I can rarely say, because my lips normally dry out after a whole day of wearing a matte lip. 

Lippie Stix come in six formulas - Satin, Cream, Glossy, Hyper Glossy, Matte and Pearlized. I have yet to try all of them, but I am slowly making it through the collection. I did however pick up the following colours: 

Lumiere (Matte) - This is my far my favourite colour and great for every day wear. This lovely lipstick was created by Kathleen Lights on YouTube and she really had an amazing eye for colours! It's the perfect on trend 90s colour, but instead of being brown it's more of a mauve/plum, which is so much more complimentary on various skin tones! 

Heart On (Matte) - I love a pink with a purple undertone, and this is just that kind of pink! The swatch above was taken in direct sunlight, so its defused the colour which is a true magenta. 

Button (Satin) - Satin is my favourite formula, it's the most comfortable to wear on the lips. Button is a perfect apricot nude, great for when you're wearing a heavier eye look. 

Frida (Satin) - Frida is my second favourite to wear after Lumiere. It's a wearable coral, not to bright but adds dimension to the lips. 

Fetch (Satin)- Fetch is a traditional mid-toned pink. Every time I see this colour, I think of Barbie's dream house and who doesn't love Barbie's three storey dream house?

Trixie (Satin)-  The name is adorable, and this is a bright coral/red great for summer. The colour has blue undertones which is great for making your teeth look extra white!

BFF (Gloss) - This one is not pictured, I couldn't catch a true colour on the lips because of its sheerness, it's a beautiful peachy sheen!

I also picked up the matching pencils and my recommendation is to buy the lipstick with the pencil, because it truly transforms the Lippie Stix and extends the longevity of the colour through out the day.  Now I'm off to do some damage to my bank accounts and order a bucket load more.  


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Sunday, April 5, 2015


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Hello Lovely People, 

I just wanted to quickly post and say a massive Thank You to all my old and new followers! My blog views have been going crazy ever since the lovely Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter gave me a shout out on twitter and I'm so grateful that you've given my blog a chance. 

I hope you've been having fun reading (be sure to grab a cup of a tea) and I hope you're all having a lovely long Easter break. 


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Thursday, April 2, 2015


Of course my subject line had to be an homage to Frozen, I can't help it. Every time I think concealer, I now want to break out and sing 'Let It Go!'. But, in all seriousness this concealer has hands down been my favourite for the past 12 months. 

It's exactly as the name states, it's a radiant creamy concealer. I know that some use this concealer on blemishes and spots, but I truly believe this concealer is better suited for under the eye. It brightens,  counteracts darkness, is easily bendable and available in a range of shades. I apply this in under my eyes in a triangle shape (hello Kim Kardashian or Ru Paul Drag race for this trick) with the doe foot applicator,  dab with a beauty blender and then seal the deal with a translucent powder. 

It's one of the very few concealers, which has never creased on me. It's just reliable and that's what you want in a concealer, you a concealer which makes you look like you've had 8 hours sleep when in reality it's 4 hours of broken sleep. This is magic in a tube and I'm grateful to have it in my make up routine. 

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