Monday, June 22, 2015


I've always been a bit apprehensive about using a body oil. The moment I hear oil, I think greasy, non absorbent and messy, which of course are the least favourite things about moisturising one's body. 

However, this little treasure deifies all the odds, while it is a pure oil, it absorbs so fast into the skin it must have some sort of magical powers. It must be the power of quality certified organic ingredients. 

Rosehip oil has always been my favourite, not only does it smell like a fresh bouquet of roses from the market, but there are significant benefits to using it.  It improves skin tone and firmness, minimises the appearance of lines and wrinkles, hydrates the skin, reduces the appearance of stretch marks, scars and promotes skin elasticity. While, I've only been using the product across the last week, which makes it hard to see improvements in skin tone etc, it has done wonders to those pesky dry patches of the skin including my elbows, knees and feet! The great thing about this oil is it can be used all over, from top to bottom!  

Overall,  this product has given my high end moisturisers a run for their money. Each morning, I'm reaching for this vs anything in my beauty cabinet.  That's a feat for someone who is very lazy at moisturising their skin. 

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Thursday, June 18, 2015


I am ridiculously obsessed with bronzers, contouring and highlighting. The moment I heard about this release I squealed for joy. Prior to purchasing this beauty, I had never owned a Too Faced Bronzer, but I had been pining for them for months. Every time I saw them in store I'd eagerly sniff them,  weird I know, but can you blame me? They smell like chocolate. 

This delightfully compact book, which is the width of an A4 sheet of paper, houses the 8 most loved bronzers by Too Faced. The great thing about this book, is you can try out all 8 colours and figure out which is your favourite to purchase in full size. Each bronzer is 0.08 oz, for comparison's sake a Mac eyeshadow is traditionally 0.07 oz and a ColourPop eyeshadow is 0.07oz, it's definitely enough to try out multiple time to give you a taste of each shade. 

My favourites are hands down Milk Chocolate Soleil for a subtle contour, Snow Bunny to place on the cheek bones as a highlighter and Sun Bunny for that sun kissed look when dusted across the cheeks.

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