Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Despite my oily/combination skin type, I'm terribly lazy at powdering my skin. The reason I've never been good at powdering my face after each foundation application is because I would rather look like Edward Cullen than a cake face. That was of course before I found this little treasure.   

I know it's cliche to say that this powder is finely milled, but it really is. The moment you dip your brush into the product you can instantly tell it's weightless. The magic really happens when the powder is applied to the face, it just melts in like a second skin.  For those of you who are into the 'baking' trend, this powder is perfect. Not only is it weightless, but it's buildable, so you can customise the coverage you wish. 

I purchased this delight in Medium, while there is only three shades in the collection - Fair, Medium and Dark, the powder itself is almost translucent when applied, so if you're slightly darker you can build up the product and if you're lighter in complexion you can use a lighter hand.  I also know there has been various feedback in relation to the price of this product, while it's priced at the higher end $45USD you can definitely tell a lot of love and passion has gone into making this product. It is one of those clear cases where a slightly higher price point means quality. 

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Monday, August 10, 2015


Forget about Kim K's butt, this highlighter literally broke the internet! I was up in the wee hours of the morning to make sure I could get this highlighter, I was ready to have #highlighteronfleek. When it finally arrive in my mailbox, I literally lifted the box up in the air like baby Simba and sung 'BAHHHHHHSOWHENYAHHHHMAMABEATSEBAHHHHH"

This was my first purchase of any Becca product (can't believe I haven't picked anything up earlier seeing the brand is Australian). I had been eyeing them off for many months, and I was determined to get my hands on Opal. However, when Jaclyn Hill announced her collaboration with Becca Cosmetics, I knew I would instantly be in love with product. The highlight colour had my name all over it. 

While the name of the product is Champagne Pop, the highlighter itself is more of a golden peach - perfect for that glisten on the cheeks. You know the one I'm talking about, the one which makes your cheeks look perfectly wet.  Champagne Pop is definitely a universal colour, which I think can work on various skin tones. The formula itself is buttery smooth and so pigmented, you literally only need the smallest dab on your brush for that J-Lo glow.

If you need this pretty in Sephora, definitely pick it up and give it a go! It's a great start to entering the Becca Cosmetics world, and I have no doubt you'll love it as much as I do.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Boy, oh boy! This past week, work, life and excessively watching Netflix until early hours of the morning has caused darkness under my eyes that takes up half my face. I honestly think I could have given Bettlejuice a run for his money in the under eye darkness department. 

This coveted Urban Decay concealer has been an absolute life saver.  It has trumped my love for NARS' radiant creamy concealer. I know at this stage I've lost half of you, with your jaws dropping to the floor, but let me explain. 

The Urban Decay concealer formula is truly developed for under the eye area. It's smooth, blendable and the applicator is malleable enough to fit into those pesky areas like under the tear duck, where the darkness  is more prevalent. As much as I love my NARS concealer, I feel like at times it drags across the under eye area, particularly during those days where the skin might be slightly dehydrated. This also at times causes creasing throughout the day.  The only negative I can say about this concealer is it not made for problematic areas of the skin, as in to cover up blemishes or scarring. Because the formula is so weightless and blendable, it acts more like a second layer of skin vs. a full coverage cover up. 

This product is definitely a go-er, if you're one who loves brightening up under the eyes and needs a little pick me up in the morning. Tickle me ecstatic for this find!

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