Friday, October 2, 2015


I have been on such a skincare kick lately, and have been consciously trying to take better care of my skin. I'm also tremendously lazy at the end of a work day, and the last thing I want to do is go through a long and arduous skincare routine.  Luckily the new The Body Shop 'Oils of Life' range makes it easier to stay on top of this routine. I was lucky enough to take sneak peak at the range before it launched on the 5th October. 

Despite knowing the amazing benefits of facial oils, I'm always hesitate of utilising them because of my excessively oily skin. However, the Oils of Life Intensively Revitalising Facial Oil is a dream. It's light weight, has an amazing earthy smell and leaves a velvet (not oily) finish on the skin. Tick tick tick. 
The product is infused with 3 amazing seed oils, Black Cumin seed oil from Egypt, Camellia seed oil from China and Rosehip seed oil from Chile (it's like taking your skin on a holiday!).  The benefits of these three oils is that theyactivate repairing properties, to assist with living dull skin. After using this gem for a week, my skin has truly radiated. I've noticed my skin get less oily within the day with the facial oil providing the much needed hydration, which has caused my skin to produce an excessive amount of oil. 

The Intensively Revitalising Cream, has the same amazing properties in cream form. The use the oil at night as it's more consentrated, and the cream in the morning as it's light weight and works as an amazing primer for your foundation. It shares the same earthy smell as the oil!  

If you're a feen for skin care and don't want to pay a truck load for good quality skincare these are definitely worth a try. They have the quality of your higher end creams at a reasonable price, and the you can also score yourself a free sample at the moment through The Body Shop, there is nothing I love more than a sample for skin care, because you can try before committing to the full size.
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